Propecia and Its Effect on Hair Loss

If you are a man and you stat experiencing symptoms of balding or severe hair loss, you should first of all visit your health care provider. After a number of examinations and tests, your health care provider will introduce the main reasons for excessive hair loss. The most frequently used medication in the treatment of hair loss is considered to be Propecia. But, it is not so easy as you need to be really careful taking the medication. It is usually taken for one month and it is really crucial not to stop taking Propecia. Any decision on taking Propecia or finishing it should be confirmed with your health care provider. Once you stop taking Propecia, your results can disappear within 2 days. So, every step to reduce or increase a dosage of Popecia, you need to consult with your health care provider. Propecia comes usually into two dosages which are 1 and 4 mg. The recommended dosage should be defined by the doctor as well. The doctor knows better how you should take Propecia. Propecia is so effective that you will notice new hears within one week and within one month your new hairs will be about 5 millimeters in length. There is no other medication to treat baldness and hair loss so effectively. As you want to save on your hair regrowth, there are some possibilities. Rather than buying Propecia at your local pharmacy, you can visit some online pharmacies which provide discount Propecia. You will see two version of Propecia: original and generic. The original Popecia is a licensed medication for treating hair loss problem. The generic version of Propecia is nothing different from the original Propecia but produced by another manufacture. The only difference is in price and generic Propecia costs twice or thrice cheaper. The best way to buy generic Propecia is to use Canadian pharmacy as the pharmaceutical business is highly developed in Canada and it is rather a profitable business. There are so many companies that have to compete between each other. As a result, the prices for Propecia become really low and you can benefit and buy all the medications you need.