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Best Selling Medications

Generic Viagra
SILDENAFIL CITRATE (Viagra Generic) is an absolute leader in the market of blood vessels vasolidtors, applied in the cases of erection failures or short-term erections.
$1.07Per Pill
Generic Cialis
TADALAFIL (Cialis) is not the first but most popular vasodilator of penis blood vessels that causes an incomparable effect on the prolongation and quality of erection that will last for 36-42 hours even if you take it on a full stomach.
$1.29Per Pill
Generic Levitra
VARDENAFIL (Levitra) is a pharmacological equivalent of Genuine Levitra that has the same enhanced impact on the blood circulation in a mens penis, causing a strong and hard erection.
$2.14Per Pill
Generic Kamagra
SILDENAFIL (Kamagra) is an Indian equivalent to Viagra and is considered to be the most successful version to treat erection problems, resulting in the proper functioning of penis blood circulation.
$1.63Per Pill
Viagra Soft
Generic Viagra Soft
SILDENAFIL SOFT (Generic Viagra Soft) is a lozenge with all the characteristics, related to Genuine Viagra but differs in the method of application. Having a mint flavor, it is taken orally and under the tongue.
$1.46Per Pill
Generic Lovegra
FEMALE VIAGRA (Lovegra) is an advanced formulation of mens world-known medication used to treat sexual disorders, but is now prescribed for women to enhance an action of brain signals, responsible for the proper sexual response to intimate stimulation, increasing desire, arousal and orgasm.
$2.23Per Pill
Generic Tamiflu
OSELTAMIVIR (Tamiflu) is used for preventing the flu. It is also used for treating the flu in patients within 2 days of the onset of flu symptoms. Oseltamivir is an antiviral. It works by stopping the flu virus from reproducing within the body.
$8.58Per Pill
Brand Cialis
 Brand Cialis
TADALAFIL (Original Cialis), being the second but not worst erectile dysfunction cure, is characterized by its powerful impact on the penis blood vessels that acts for the period of 36 hours and is not affected by any intake of food or drinks, even alcohol ones.
$11.00Per Pill
Brand Levitra
 Brand Levitra
VARDENAFIL (Original Levitra) is the latest and most perfectly formulated medication that pumps the penis blood vessels with a massive blood flow and allows your erection ability last for about 6 hours, letting you enjoy the successful sexual life.
$12.00Per Pill
Brand Viagra
 Brand Viagra
SILDENAFIL CITRATE (Original Viagra) is an unconditionally best and tested by millions of satisfied users, booster of mens erectile function and is considered to be a number one drug in the pharmacological market for its efficacy and falseless action.
$9.25Per Pill
Cialis Soft
Generic Cialis Soft
TADALAFIL SOFT (Cialis Soft) is a sublingual version, mint flavored, of the most famous medication that stuffs you penis with blood, letting you have the proper erection for the period of 36 hours.
$1.54Per Pill
Generic Clomid
CLOMIPHENE (Clomid) is referred to hormonal stimulants that cause and increase the levels of female hormones that take control over the development and release of an egg.
$0.85Per Pill
Generic Lasix
FUROSEMID (Lasix) is the most selling medication called a water pill or scientifically a loop diuretic that cures a redundancy of different harmful fluids in the body.
$0.63Per Pill
Generic Propecia
FINASTERIDE (Propecia) is the only medication that is licensed and certified by Word Health Organization to restore the growth of hair and to prevent balding of head patterns.
$0.56Per Pill
Generic Zithromax
AZITHROMYCIN (Zithromax) saves your overall health state from bacteria that are usually spread by producing proteins, essential food to multiply and cause many diseases.
$1.79Per Pill

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Top Categories

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a term, normally used to identify various erection disorders or abnormalities in the functioning of penis blood circulation. Characterized by an insufficient hardness and stiffness of the penis or being unable to maintain the hardness, there are numerous physical and psychological factors that influence mens sexual life. Psychological irritants can include an excessive attention or focus on the failure expectation but not on making love. Physical reasons can be referred to age, anomalies in the vessels of people with heart and vascular diseases, prostate surgery and smoking, drugs and alcohol dependence.

Muscle Relaxants

Muscle Relaxants do not form a class of drugs but rather a group of medications that has a specific and different central sedative effect on body muscles. Actually, they do not influence muscles directly, they act in the brain. The main prescription and application of these medications are to treat low back pain, related to muscle spasms. The pain, associated with the back, is described by tightness and tension in the muscles. The significance of treatment is recognized be many professional physicians as, leaving untreated, muscle spasms turn into muscle knots. These knots are more painful than spasms as they are excessive connective tissues that sometimes need to be extracted with the application of surgery.

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